Flowers. Art. Life.
Flowers. Art. Life.
Gloria B. Collins

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About Me

My name is Gloria Battista Collins and I am a floral designer, gardener, artist, photographer, and community builder.

I believe that a well-lived life begins with a dream or a fond memory. My most vivid recollection, from when I was a little girl, is sitting at my Mom’s kitchen table and drawing colorful flowers with crayons for what seemed like hours. My mother would encourage me by telling me how pretty my flowers were. Mom planted the seeds which later blossomed into what is now my passion for all things beautiful in the home and garden.  

My passion for gardening grew into a floristry business specializing in weddings. What is unique to my business is that I grow flowers in my garden and use them in my arrangements. I am especially mindful to use organically grown flowers in my designs. I am a proponent of creating arrangements that reflect the seasons.

I‘ve been gardening since I can remember and I’m sharing my passion for gardening and all things flowers regularly in my monthly email newsletter and in my journal. I also host monthly House and Garden Inspiration Workshops in my home. Take a moment to learn more about my current list of services and contact me today. I’d love to discuss how we can collaborate and create something magical together!

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Why You Should Join Me

I hope to continue to tap into my creativity as a floral designer, artist, photographer, gardener, and community builder. Let's work together to share our knowledge and create together…

A Big Thanks

It is an honor to be invited into your personal space with my thoughts and ideas.  I'd like to start off with a big thank you!

It means so much to me especially nowadays as we are targeted campaign after campaign to act or buy something presumably of value that will hopefully change our world.  My desire for this network is not to be about that. I come from a place of real friendship, to encourage you and share everything I know.